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Transair – Over 150 Years of Piping Innovation

Transair, a product line by Parker Hannifin, is a quick connection piping solution. Parker has an extensive history of application success within the fluid and gas handling industry. Parker selected Innovative Finishing Solutions to Sell & Distribute this product within the Canadian Automotive & Machine Builders marketplace. Parker’s team of highly qualified application engineers, product development engineers, and system specialists are working in the forefront of the piping industry to developed this innovative range of quick connect piping solutions for liquid, inert gases and compressed air.

Why use Transair
In addition to its professional clean look, ease of use and flexibility, the Transair compressor piping solution never corrodes or degrades leaving your compressed air system free from iron particulate contamination.

All blue pipe is not the same…
It seems like there’s always a poor imitation when it comes to high quality and innovation. Transair compressed air, liquid and inert gas piping has sometimes become the target of poor imitations that try to match the color of our blue pipe, but not the quality and technology. When you’re looking for quality that has stood the test of time, choose the original blue compressed air piping system, Transair!

Better quality, technology and value!
Compare Transair quick connection piping technology to conventional methods and you’ll soon see why tens of thousands of companies choose our product over the high cost of copper, threaded stainless steel or black iron.

Transair Piping Product Catalog - Download Data Sheet 

Transair Quick Facts Brochure - Download Data Sheet

Transair Pocket Guide - Download Data Sheet

Industry Specific Transair Brochures:

Transair Automotive Manufacturing Brouchure - Download Data Sheet

Transair Compressor Room - Download Data Sheet

Transair Food & Beverage - Download Data Sheet

Transair Alternitive Energy - Download Data Sheet

Transair Inert Gas - Download Data Sheet

Transair Nitrogen - Download Data Sheet

Transair Vacuum - Download Data Sheet

Transair Air Quality - Download Data Sheet

Transair Electronics - Download Data Sheet

Transair Mining - Download Data Sheet

Transair Power Generation - Download Data Sheet

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