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For nearly 100 years, Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of fluid handling equipment for key manufacturers all around the globe.  Graco works closely with our customers to provide high tech products that set the standard for industrial paint finishing.  What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on putting the customer first with our dedication to manufacturing quality products, and by providing expertise that we have developed over decades of serving manufacturers with highly-engineered, industry-leading innovation

Graco Automated Finishing Equipment 

Graco’s Industrial Products Division has a complete product line to meet the equipment needs for the finishing industry.  Graco has the pumps, fluid metering, applicators, and accessories to complete any automated finishing system.  Partner with Graco to improve productivity, reduce paint usage costs, lower emissions, and provide consistently better finishes for all types of wood, metal, and plastic applications.

Intelligent Paint Kitchen

Graco's intelligent paint kitchen is a system of smart sensors communicating with each other that optimize the performance of your circulation system. It is a less complex, less expensive alternative to advanced remote monitoring and control for the entire paint room – especially when compared to traditional custom-built systems.


Graco’s has a full line of automatic applicators that apply paints and coatings with the highest precision and quality.  .We offer many atomization technologies to meet your individual needs and requirements.  Whether it is HVLP, electrostatic, or rotary atomizer technology, Graco has your solution.

Electronic Metering and Flow Control

Graco’s electronic metering and dosing technology offers precise and reliable fluid control for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne and acid catalyzed materials. Accurate mixing and ratio assurance ensure multiple component materials are mixed on-demand at the correct ratio for optimal material performance.  Our technology saves you money and protects your quality.


Graco’s piston pumps and high pressure diaphragm pumps are ideal for paint circulation systems. The E-Flo DC (Dual Control) electric circulating pump has been found to be up to five times more efficient than similar sized pneumatic pumps – lowering energy bills. The quiet pumping technology means you get a better work environment, and advanced features allow you to prevent costly material loss and rework.

The Endura-Flo pump ensures long-lasting durability and can withstand runaway conditions better than other diaphragm pumps. This easy-to-install pump offers low pulsation output and smooth changeover for a uniform fluid supply.  Endura-Flo was also designed to be extremely efficient when flushing for quick color changes and reduced material waste, saving you time and money. 

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