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Process Engineering:

  1. Summary analysis of Customer business needs, parts drawings, volumes, and quality requirements.
  2. Concept arrangements of equipment - Considerations for alternative solutions.
  3. General material flow and system layout proposal, cycle timed sequence of operations.
  4. Work holding, tooling & fixture analysis, and options.
  5. How many operators will the system require. Identify ergonomic requirements.
  6. Industrial controls architecture, I/O counts, and interface of systems controls.
  7. Process motion control, Robotics and work cell engineering.
  8. 3D mechanical design,all project phases.
  9. Design, Prototype and Fabricate part fixturing and part nests/racking.
  10. Electrical design, system connections, safety zoning and control reliable best practise.
  11. Facility connections for pneumatic, electric, and related process supply.
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