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Turn-Key Solutions

"Innovative Finishing Solutions is dedicated to helping our Customer's increase production with Innovation & Automation"

A World of Innovative Material Applications

Innovative Finishing Solutions Technology can bring efficiency and cost savings to an impressive variety of material applications. We can show you how to achieve unerring consistency in robotic wet sanding, seam sealing, sound damper, adhesive, material handling,packaging and palletizing, sub assembly process and ultrasonic welding applications to name a few. Our engineers and system designers can analyze your process and develop an integrated solution to handle, dispense or assemble in the toughest of conditions. If you haven’t found the automated system you need, chances are we will invent it for you.

Even the most complex manufacturing and assembly environments, we can solve most problems with “off the shelf” components to maintain a low cost solution to your problem. We can design and pre-test your application if required, to provide you with validation of all desired results. During the testing, we simulate and test the real world demands of your manufacturing process. From high tech componentry to basic assembly line production, we can get to the root of your manufacturing problems and create a dependable, easily maintainable solution that is best for you.

An Investment in Profits and Efficiency

This is a business built on delivering a healthy bottom line to our Customers. An investment in robotic technology must first deliver quality & consistency to the manufacturing floor. At Innovative Finishing Solutions, our years of experience can pay huge dividends for you. Our total solution approach can help you reduce your staffing and operating costs. Through computerized application and precise robotic delivery, we reduce material waste. This precision, along with the time-tested durability of our equipment, will also help you achieve lower maintenance costs. Robotic technology can lower your energy costs and improve you environmental efficiencies too. By improving your manufacturing and assembly process, we can help improve employee health & safety. We can even provide you with assistance in financing your equipment. Our bottom line…we build turn-key solutions to meet all of your needs.

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